About Us

"We design unique, limited editions and exclusive creations."

In French, "Diamant La Diva" means "Diamond The Diva", a beautiful woman with impeccable style.

This style originates from our team of jewelry designers in Antwerp and Hong Kong

Surrounded by numerous diamond jewelry in this traditional "diamond city", our designers generate ideas that strike a punchy balance between classy tradition and luxurious fashion.

Great ideas are turned into reality by our team of jewelry handcrafters located in Hong Kong and Japan.

With access to ethically sourced precious natural stones and top-notch quality metal materials from all over the world, our handcrafters skilfully combine both to form memorable masterpiece.

We are in the fine jewelry business. We aim for nothing less than best material, best design and best production.

After all, our customers are in the fine woman category. They deserve these.


Part of profits are given to carefully selected charities that serve people in need. We are committed to taking part in providing for those in need within our local community and throughout the world.