Real Natural Diamonds and Gemstones


Diamonds on their own are always fabulous as are colored gemstones of all sorts, but pairing the two together results in something even more sophisticated and festive. It is for this reason that diamonds and gemstones are often seen together in various jewelry settings. There is, however, yet another reason why retailers are combining diamonds and gemstones.

While some gemstones can cost significantly more than a standard diamond, there are plenty of precious and semi-precious gemstones available in various sizes that could drastically bring down the price of a jewelry piece if they replace diamonds. Jewelry pieces comprised of both colorless and color diamonds are magical, but they generally don’t come cheap. Replacing some of the rarer color diamonds with colored gemstones can supply one with a similar look for a much more affordable price.

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What is the mohs scale?



As you’re shopping for fine jewelry, knowing how durable a particular gemstone is will help you determine how and when to wear it, and most importantly – how to care for it. In this post, we’ll go beyond the Mohs scale to demystify gemstone durability and provide tips for helping you choose a gemstone that could last a lifetime or longer.

You may have heard of the Mohs scale, which ranks gem and mineral hardness on a scale of 1 (least hard – talc) to 10 (hardest of all – diamond). But hardness is only one factor in determining gem durability.

Gemologists define durability as a gemstone’s ability to withstand wear, heat, light, household chemicals, and low or high humidity. Since different gemstones have different properties, they have varying tolerances to these stressors. In evaluating a gemstone’s durability, gem experts consider three factors: 1) hardness, 2) toughness, and 3) stability. No single gemstone scores a “perfect 10,” so you should weigh all three of these factors when choosing which gemstone or piece of jewelry is right for you.